The Devil Dragon Pilot: Book 1

The Devil Dragon Pilot: Book 1

How do you capture the fastest airplane in the world without anyone finding out?

Concealed deep within China’s inland borders is one of the most secret airplanes ever flown, known as Devil Dragon. She’s sleek, unbelievably fast, and mysterious—her test pilots have one mission in mind: make her test flights successful for operational use as soon as possible. Or sooner.

But when strange transmissions of pilots are recorded without an aircraft appearing on radar, and bizarre cell phone signals are detected at towers hundreds of miles apart, the intelligence community team is set in motion, and U.S. Air Force Reserve pilot Ford Stevens is asked to take on the most dangerous assignment of his life.

What begins as a friend helping a friend explodes into a globe-trotting action packed military-aviation adventure. Against an atmosphere of Washington, DC government red tape, an intimidating Chinese General, DIA leadership, and carrier aviation, all airways lead to a stunning international plot. Crammed with deceitful government employees, smoke and mirrors tradecraft, and the blackest, most secretive aviation flight ever undertaken, you will be unable to put it down.



“A fast-reading and clinching military thriller that would earn a place alongside any Clancy novel…” Reserve Officers Association

Ranked #2 on “Best Fiction History Books” Comparaboo

On Power Reads List: “…of local authors worth checking out.” Hilton Head Monthly Magazine

“I am a hard nose veteran and a 30-year police officer. I teared at the climax of this book. I don’t do that with books.” John Schlutert, New Orleans Police Department

Chapter Excerpt

The Air Force Reserve’s 328th Airlift Squadron of Niagara Falls, New York, flew C-130H2 Hercules aircraft. The four-engine, turboprop aircraft, originally designed with a pencil and slide rule in the 1950s, could fly anything and everything from vehicles to combat troops to special operations forces. New Herks continue to roll off the Georgia assembly line even today. The workhorse of tactical cargo, the C-130 has done everything from fly in the Blue Angels to landing on aircraft carriers…


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