The Devil Dragon Pilot: Book 1

The Devil Dragon Pilot: Book 1

Dive into the heart-pounding world of espionage and high-stakes aviation in the latest thriller from acclaimed author Lawrence A. Colby.

How do you apprehend the fastest airplane in the world without leaving a trace? Deep within the clandestine confines of China’s interior lies the enigmatic Devil Dragon, a top-secret aircraft shrouded in mystery and speed. With test pilots racing against the clock to ready her for operational deployment, success is imperative—and time is of the essence.

But when inexplicable transmissions from phantom pilots evade radar detection and mysterious cell phone signals emerge across vast distances, the gears of the intelligence community grind into motion. U.S. Air Force Reserve pilot Ford Stevens finds himself thrust into the heart of the action, embarking on his most perilous mission yet.

What begins as a simple favor for a friend catapults Stevens into a whirlwind of globe-trotting intrigue and military aviation thrills. Against a backdrop of bureaucratic red tape, confrontations with formidable Chinese military brass, and the watchful eye of DIA leadership, Stevens navigates a treacherous path fraught with deception and danger.

Filled with twists and turns, government subterfuge, and the most clandestine aviation operation in history, this electrifying tale will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Prepare to be gripped by a narrative woven with precision, intrigue, and the pulse-pounding intensity that only a master of the genre can deliver.



“A fast-reading and clinching military thriller that would earn a place alongside any Clancy novel…” Reserve Officers Association

Ranked #2 on “Best Fiction History Books” Comparaboo

On Power Reads List: “…of local authors worth checking out.” Hilton Head Monthly Magazine

“I am a hard nose veteran and a 30-year police officer. I teared at the climax of this book. I don’t do that with books.” John Schlutert, New Orleans Police Department

Chapter Excerpt

The Air Force Reserve’s 328th Airlift Squadron of Niagara Falls, New York, flew C-130H2 Hercules aircraft. The four-engine, turboprop aircraft, originally designed with a pencil and slide rule in the 1950s, could fly anything and everything from vehicles to combat troops to special operations forces. New Herks continue to roll off the Georgia assembly line even today. The workhorse of tactical cargo, the C-130 has done everything from fly in the Blue Angels to landing on aircraft carriers…


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