The Buffalo Pilot: Book 3

The Buffalo Pilot: Book 3

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More military pilots die in training than at war.

Air Force Reserve Major Ford Stevens epitomizes the valor and dedication of a seasoned military aviator, carrying on the esteemed family legacy of service to the nation amidst perilous circumstances.

Enter his younger brother, Charlie, a fledgling Lieutenant eager to carve his own path while seeking validation within the family tradition. With sibling rivalry fueling his ambition, Charlie yearns to emulate his elder brother’s footsteps, driven by a desire to prove himself worthy.

As fate would have it, Charlie finds himself alongside Ford in the same aerial squadron, both men braving the skies with unwavering resolve, whether in times of peace or on the battlefield.

Their camaraderie faces a baptism by fire when an evil-minded saboteur begins targeting aircrew, plunging the competitive brothers into a harrowing trial of survival. United in their quest to unmask the perpetrator and protect their comrades, Ford and Charlie confront the ultimate test of life and death amidst the unforgiving skies.

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