The Black Scorpion Pilot: Book 2

Captain Ford Stevens is again called into service in Lawrence A. Colby’s latest action-packed military suspense novel.

The Devil Dragon project lives, and only one man can stop it.

In a hidden base in China, Lieutenant General He Chen licks his wounds. The Devil Dragon project lies in ruins, thanks to the heroics of US Air Force Reserve Captain Ford Stevens and Stevens’s best friend, pilot Wu Lee. But now Lee is gone, and as Stevens mourns the loss of his friend, Chen works to complete his second spy plane, codenamed BLACK SCORPION.

Stevens faces a new—some would say impossible—task: slip near China without being detected, cyber-hijack the Black Scorpion, and fly her back to the United States. It’s a tough mission that will demand the most out of Stevens, whose grief has led to some potentially career-ending trouble.

Filled with adrenaline-pumping action scenes and the grit and courage of an American hero, The Black Scorpion Pilot is a thriller only seasoned military pilot Lawrence A. Colby could write.


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