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More military pilots die in training than at war.

Air Force Reserve Major Ford Stevens is a veteran military pilot full of adrenaline, upholding the prestigious family practice of service to the nation in the face of power, politics and intense danger.

Accusations against family members, a pending FBI investigation, fighting against the urge to drink again, and supporting a new wife, Ford must also now train Niagara Air Wing’s newest hot rookie pilot: kid brother Charlie Stevens.  

Charlie, a fresh Lieutenant out of pilot training, joins the family tradition seeking to prove himself.

With the rivalry still strong, all he wanted to do was follow his big brother’s footsteps…now, Charlie joins his brother Ford in the same flying squadron, both men putting their lives on the line each time they strap in the jet.

Facing blackmail, Washington intimidation, and overwhelming odds…it will be an initiation by fire as they hunt a saboteur killing aircrew, uniting the competitive brothers in the ultimate test of life and death…

In his most pulse-pounding thriller yet, Lawrence A. Colby explores the high risks of military flying, while sharing the courage, closeness and brotherhood found among pilots…all while Ford and Charlie face saying goodbye to the brave ones who too often make the ultimate sacrifice.


Readers often ask what the inspiration is for my characters. I find real people in my travels and modify or mix and match their clothing, personalities and accents. Perhaps I’ll look at potential characters from afar while at the airport, the supermarket, or in a hotel. It’s fun.

Stories? Sometimes the stories are based upon my fling experiences or a combo of fictional stories that I generate. The newspaper is phenomenal for storylines. If you’re looking for it, it finds you.

“The Buffalo Pilot: Book 3” is wrapping up with the editing team this week, so expect some announcements in the coming weeks on a release date. Ford Stevens is back. Super excited for this next one.

Stay healthy this summer and take care.

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Thank You For A Great Year!


Thank you so much for an excellent year! I am happy to have highlighted our terrific teammates in the military through entertaining stories that you enjoy.  I’ve enjoyed writing them as much as you liked reading them.

Over the past two years, I have received many emails and photos from great folks who have shared with me their dreams and hopes after reading one of my books, from wanting to fly to the devastating loss a loved one.  Thank you for sharing your stories with me.

Please continue to support these two veteran organizations, as your continued support in purchasing my books supports them as well: Team Rubicon Global and The Headstrong Project

Looking forward to sharing more books with you for many years to come!

Thank you.

All the best,

Cheese Colby

PS If you’re interested in the new #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Black Scorpion Pilot, click here.  Thanks again, and Happy New Year!

The Black Scorpion Pilot Book Signing at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Portion of Book Proceeds to Two Awesome Veterans Organizations

Dear Friends,

By reading one of my books, you are helping America’s veterans.  A portion of the Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller Series proceeds are going to two different veteran organizations (see below for more information).  These excellent organizations support our men and women long after they return home.

Thank you for your continued support!  Awesome!



Lawrence A. Colby


Headstrong Project

Marine Corps Veteran, actor Caleb Wells, Founder of Headstrong Project Zach Iscol, actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Adam Driver at Headstrong Project Words Of War Gala on October 17, 2016. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
Marine Corps Veteran, actor Caleb Wells, Founder of Headstrong Project Zach Iscol, actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Adam Driver at Headstrong Project Words Of War Gala on October 17, 2016.
(Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

The Headstrong Project

The Headstrong Project, a non-profit partnered with Weill Cornell Medical Center to fund and develop comprehensive mental healthcare programs to treat Iraq and Afghanistan veterans free of cost, stigma, and bureaucracy.



Team Rubicon Global


Team Rubicon Global

Team Rubicon Global provides veterans around the world with opportunities to serve others in the wake of disasters. Learn how you can support our efforts to build a global veteran community that provides assistance to disaster victims.