Four Weeks Out!

“The Buffalo Pilot” is four weeks out from being published!

If you pre-ordered the eBook, it will be on your Kindle on Aug 25th.

Still need a paperback or Amazon Audible audio book? You’ll soon be able to click the link below for those who would like to order. You can also read it for free if you are in Kindle Unlimited.

Actor/Narrator TJ Clark just finished production on the audiobook, so things are coming together. Excited? Me, too. I’ll be posting an audiobook sample later this week so be sure to check out my site here.

Veteran readers may recall I like to feature local restaurants, bars, real locations and people in my books, and this book is no different. Please click one of the names below to when you get a chance.

Featured in “The Buffalo Pilot”:

Water Street Landing Bar and Grill, Lewiston, New York

Daniel O’Connell’s Irish Restaurant and Bar, Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

The Ric Edelman Show

Robert Moses Niagara Power Project and Niagara Power Vista, Lewiston, New York

Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, 914th Air Refueling Wing, U.S. Air Force Reserve, Niagara Falls, NY

Hope you love this book!

Best regards,

Larry Colby

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Readers often ask what the inspiration is for my characters. I find real people in my travels and modify or mix and match their clothing, personalities and accents. Perhaps I’ll look at potential characters from afar while at the airport, the supermarket, or in a hotel. It’s fun.

Stories? Sometimes the stories are based upon my fling experiences or a combo of fictional stories that I generate. The newspaper is phenomenal for storylines. If you’re looking for it, it finds you.

“The Buffalo Pilot: Book 3” is wrapping up with the editing team this week, so expect some announcements in the coming weeks on a release date. Ford Stevens is back. Super excited for this next one.

Stay healthy this summer and take care.