Publication Day for THE BUFFALO PILOT!

Excited to announce today is the official Publication Day for paperback and Kindle! Thank you for reading and learning more about Ford and Charlie Stevens, Wu Lee, the KC-135 Stratotanker and more!

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The Buffalo Pilot: Book 3 Available Now on Amazon

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Fall is just around the corner!

We were lucky to get away this summer and it was nice to get out of the house and meet up with family.  Hope that you have as well!  With the change of weather, a potential COVID vaccine, and school coming for the kids, we have a lot to look forward to! 

But, as they say, the show must go on!  The writing here continues, and I send this with a smile as this coming Tuesday, Aug 25th…. which is just around the corner, is Book Pub Day!


Book 3 in The Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller Series is done!  Proud to say that narrator/actor TJ Clark wrapped up the recording for the audiobook and it should come out on the same day or just after the Kindle and paperback. 

THE BUFFALO PILOT will be free in Kindle Unlimited upon release, and is available today as preorder in Amazon Kindle eBook. Paperbacks are available right now for a Tuesday delivery. Amazon is finishing up the review of the audiobook and fingers are crossed for it to be completed by the release date.

THE BUFFALO PILOT has already been in the Top 35 on Amazon, and a #1 Amazon New Release book.  To everyone who has pre-ordered, thank you! And if you would like to still preorder THE BUFFALO PILOT, take a click here.

That’s a wrap for this update.  Hopefully by time the time the leaves on the trees change, you’ve read and enjoyed the THE BUFFALO PILOT!

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“An emotional ending that you don’t see coming and a surprise twist that will continue this series for years to come. This Military-Aviation thriller has earned itself a Lima Charlie Blast Radius of a Mother Of All Bombs!” –Lima Charlie Reviews

Less Than Three Weeks to Go – The Buffalo Pilot – Release on August 25th!

The end of August is approaching and you know what that means!

I am wrapping up last minute details on the August 25th release date for THE BUFFALO PILOT. The Amazon Kindle pre-order is available now, followed by the paperback and audiobook (Narrator/Actor: T. J. Clark).

If you’re interested, some recent press on the release:

Jet-fueled aviation thriller published

Larry Colby to Release ‘The Buffalo Pilot’ in August

The Real Book Spy’s August 2020 Reading Guide

I am looking forward to sharing the release with you very soon. Three more weeks!

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Four Weeks Out!

“The Buffalo Pilot” is four weeks out from being published!

If you pre-ordered the eBook, it will be on your Kindle on Aug 25th.

Still need a paperback or Amazon Audible audio book? You’ll soon be able to click the link below for those who would like to order. You can also read it for free if you are in Kindle Unlimited.

Actor/Narrator TJ Clark just finished production on the audiobook, so things are coming together. Excited? Me, too. I’ll be posting an audiobook sample later this week so be sure to check out my site here.

Veteran readers may recall I like to feature local restaurants, bars, real locations and people in my books, and this book is no different. Please click one of the names below to when you get a chance.

Featured in “The Buffalo Pilot”:

Water Street Landing Bar and Grill, Lewiston, New York

Daniel O’Connell’s Irish Restaurant and Bar, Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

The Ric Edelman Show

Robert Moses Niagara Power Project and Niagara Power Vista, Lewiston, New York

Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, 914th Air Refueling Wing, U.S. Air Force Reserve, Niagara Falls, NY

Hope you love this book!

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Larry Colby

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Coming August 25th – THE BUFFALO PILOT

Release date of August 25th on Amazon



More military pilots die in training than at war.

Air Force Reserve Major Ford Stevens is a veteran military pilot full of adrenaline, upholding the prestigious family practice of service to the nation in the face of power, politics and intense danger.

Accusations against family members, a pending FBI investigation, fighting against the urge to drink again, and supporting a new wife, Ford must also now train Niagara Air Wing’s newest hot rookie pilot: kid brother Charlie Stevens.  

Charlie, a fresh Lieutenant out of pilot training, joins the family tradition seeking to prove himself.

With the rivalry still strong, all he wanted to do was follow his big brother’s footsteps…now, Charlie joins his brother Ford in the same flying squadron, both men putting their lives on the line each time they strap in the jet.

Facing blackmail, Washington intimidation, and overwhelming odds…it will be an initiation by fire as they hunt a saboteur killing aircrew, uniting the competitive brothers in the ultimate test of life and death…

In his most pulse-pounding thriller yet, Lawrence A. Colby explores the high risks of military flying, while sharing the courage, closeness and brotherhood found among pilots…all while Ford and Charlie face saying goodbye to the brave ones who too often make the ultimate sacrifice.

National Air and Space Museum – Book Signing on Saturday, April 27, 2019!

It’s an honor to be invited back!

Please join me at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum – Udvar-Hazy Center, Dulles Airport, Virginia on April 27, 2019 at 12:00 PM where I will be signing copies of my thriller books. 

The Smithsonian Institution Udvar-Hazy National Air and Space Museum is located at 22556 Air and Space Museum Pkwy, Herndon, VA 20171, Washington Dulles Airport Click here for directions and information.

Looking forward to seeing you there!