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With pulse-stopping adventure and a dose of the human condition comes a saga where crime, aviation, and brotherhood meet.

With a story so distressingly genuine and real, you’ll mistake it for today’s present-day headlines…#1 Amazon Bestselling Author and military veteran Lawrence A. Colby may give us his best work yet in Book 3.

Intrigued with the mysterious news about best friend Wu Lee, learning to lead a squadron in his new aircraft, and defending the Air Base’s pending shutdown from Washington…how will Air Force Reserve’s hero pilot deal with a killer among them?  Can his past clandestine connections with the Defense Intelligence Agency help him in Western New York?

Newly promoted Major Ford Stevens ratchets up his fighting skills and steps up to the most sensitive national security task he has ever taken on: keeping the Air Base open against Congress’ wishes while hunting down a saboteur who is crashing planes and killing aircrew. 

As the throttle-gripping story unravels, we learn of Wu Lee’s fate and Ford’s uphill journey of where crime, aviation, and brotherhood meet.  It’s the unbelievable story of blackmail, shock, and betrayal that just may push the Stevens’ brothers to the breaking point.

With an unexpected touch of the human condition and national security realism comes Book 3 from Lawrence A. Colby. Writing with authenticity that could only come from someone who has flown real world operational missions and worked the corridors of power in Washington, Colby generates another rousing thriller of jet-fueled action and intensity!

Paperbacks available on release day: August 25, 2020

5 Replies to “Pre-Orders Available Now for THE BUFFALO PILOT on Amazon!”

  1. You are my favorite author. Can’t wait to read your third book! Out of all the popular military thriller authors, you are the only guy who has “been there, done that” and writes like a guy who has sat in the cockpit. The real deal!

  2. Truly a book that held my attention until the end. A wonderful book that I would have missed and would have been a lot of missed enjoyment.

    1. Hi Donald,
      Thank you for sharing it with me! Glad you enjoyed the read. Other books in the series, including a new release next week titled “The Buffalo Pilot.” Hope you enjoy that one as well.

      All the best,
      Lawrence Colby

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