Thank You to Fans of “The Devil Dragon Pilot”


I continue to be grateful for your outpouring of support.  Over the last six months, “The Devil Dragon Pilot” had shot up to #1 on Amazon and sat there for over three months (currently sits at #4 on Amazon).  It was also a top seller in India, UK, Canada, Australia, as well as the United States.  Thank you for supporting  our veterans!

My goal was to create a long-lasting connection with people and to be helpful to others in understanding aviation.  Helpful to find a way using a story to explain what it is like to be a pilot to those who don’t fly.  Helpful for folks who would like to travel to other countries, but are unable for a variety of financial or medical reasons.  Helpful to those who perhaps lost a loved one in the military, or to cancer (as readers will recognize).  Thanks for reading the novel.

Also, a special thanks to the fans in Elmira and Corning, NY, Gulfstream Aircraft, 45 Bistro Restaurant, men and women of the FBI, The Skull Creek Boathouse Restaurant, and military veterans everywhere.

I feel very lucky to have connected with so many of you over email, word of mouth, Goodreads, Twitter and Instagram.  Thank you for being such terrific fans.  My hope is that you enjoy “The Black Scorpion Pilot” as much as the first one!  Look for the new release in fall 2018!

Have an awesome summer, Team!

All the best,

Cheese Colby



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