Gulfstream 650ER – The Devil Dragon Pilot


Thanks for sharing with me how much you are enjoying The Devil Dragon Pilot book.  Many of you have asked about the Gulfstream 650ER, the business jet featured in the book.  Your combined questions are aligned with this:  does it really look and fly like I have written about?  The answer: yes.

Take a look at the Gulfstream site here.  The jet is beautiful, both inside and out.  The flight performance is legendary, with excellent speed and distance, and has a cabin section that is second to none (with a cool interactive map that you should try).  Take a moment and Google the 650ER and see many organizations world-wide use this equipment.

G650ER Product Brochure

G650ER Spec Sheet

I encourage readers to check it out for themselves.  All pictures in this post are from Gulfstream.

Thanks for asking, Team!  Keep your questions coming!


All the best,

Cheese Colby


Coming later this summer: The Black Scorpion Pilot!


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