Update on “The Black Scorpion Pilot” Book 2 in the Ford Stevens Series


I have heard from quite a few of you asking for an update on “The Black Scorpion Pilot“…so here we go.

The book was finished last month and is currently in the review and clearance phase.  It is about 400 pages long, and returning back by popular demand are most of the characters from “The Devil Dragon Pilot.”

Jeanie Heller is a new character that I think you will really enjoy reading about.  Jeanie is in her 20’s, highly educated at the University of Maryland’s Cyber Security Program, and a subject matter expert in the field.  Jeanie is a rising star in the community and has the ability to crack any phone, tap any line, and take care of business on the cyber front.  She is also the girlfriend of Mark Savona, our eccentric character and leader of the Team.

Mark hasn’t stopped being eccentric, so those of you who enjoy his man-bun, scotch drinking, and red wrestling shoes, stand-by.

Ford and Emily are back, and their relationship is…stronger than ever.  Or is it?  They have their hands full dealing with the loss of Wu, as anyone of us would feel after loosing such a close friend.  It won’t be easy.  Jojo Rising is back!

Our young B-1 co-pilot, Tiffany “Pinky” Pinkerton, is a strong and smart character, willing to stand up to the mostly male dominated squadron she lives in.  Ford believes in her, as does Cal Burns.

Regarding Cal Burns, he may have an opportunity to be promoted in the near future, so stay tuned to our favorite senior leader. The characters that fans love to hate are back in full-force, too: Mike Klubb and Michelle of Pennsylvania.

Lastly, readers who love the micro-managing Lieutenant General He Chen know there was no way he was going to sit still.  Yup, he’s up to no good with his special leadership style.

A few photos below to put “The Black Scorpion Pilot” into perspective.  They don’t say much, but they say plenty.  A LOT IS HAPPENING.   Get the book in fall 2018 here!

Please continue to email me at LColby@Mach278.com.  Thanks for your emails, as I enjoy hearing from you.  Thank you for your kind reviews on Amazon, too.

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