Announcing the new cover for The Black Scorpion Pilot – Book 2


The Black Scorpion Pilot: A Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller (Book 2)

 With a touch of human spirit and heart-stopping adventure comes a saga where cyber, aviation, and survival meet.


In the aftershock of losing Devil Dragon, China’s Lieutenant General He Chen knew exactly what steps to take next: continue to secretly build and test fly his second stealth bomber in silence. With a story so disturbingly genuine and real, you’ll mistake it for today’s contemporary headlines…Lawrence A. Colby, the international best-selling author, may give us his finest work yet.

Struggling with unbelievable grief and loss, a pending engagement and more…how will Air Force Reserve’s best pilot heal after losing his best friend? Can you ever fully recover after losing someone so close? Captain Ford Stevens steps up to his most fear-provoking and challenging task ever: cyber-hijack the Black Scorpion and fly her all the way to the United States.

Time-zone communication challenges, satellite problems, widespread distances and jet reliability issues are just the beginning of Ford’s concerns. As the throttle-gripping story untangles, the cyber-hijacking was the easy part. His extensive journey of where cyber, aviation, and human endurance meet is a story that will test Ford Stevens’ grit and courage to the end.

With an extraordinary touch of human spirit and national security realism comes Book 2 from Lawrence A. Colby. Writing with authenticity that could only come from someone who has flown real world operational missions and worked the corridors of power in Washington, Lawrence A. Colby generates an inspirational novel of soul-searching doubt and uncontrollable action!

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Thank you readers for supporting our nation’s veterans!

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  1. Nice job, Cheese! Loved the realism, characters and hands-on details from Devil Dragon. Like that again?

    What’s with the crashed jet in the snow? Ford!

    Looking forward to reading it in the summertime.

    Keep up your fantastic writing.

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