World, meet Captain Ford Stevens

Ford Stevens is a pilot’s pilot. All he wanted to do since he was a young was get into a cockpit. Perhaps explore the world a bit, to understand it…to experience flight in different cultures and be in the sky. He traveled globally with family as his father was moved around for his corporate career, but Ford never lost sight of his goal. Ford wanted to fly when he saw that first fighter jet years ago, and was, from that point, inspired forever. His thirst for flying was satisfied when he was first given controls to an aircraft and looking down below at the earth.

Ford Stevens never thought about another career ever again, except for flying, and his desire to fly was as strong as anyone’s on any given subject. Being part of military aviation, to him, was larger than life itself.

Which is why, you will soon read, he’s ready for the ultimate international mission in serving his country.

World, please meet Captain Ford Stevens.


Ford Stevens looks to the sunrise before taking off in the B-1B Lancer (Photo- Lisa Traughber,
Ford Stevens looks to the sunrise before taking off in the B-1B Lancer (Photo- Lisa Traughber,

7 Replies to “World, meet Captain Ford Stevens”

  1. Larry,

    I have looked over the website, and read your chapter excerpt. This looks exhilarating. How does espionage work into this? We go from a missile, a lost one at that, to aircraft carriers? Whew. Talk about the total force.

    Good on ya buddy.

    Wish you well.

    Harold Pound

  2. Lawrence,

    I found you on a Google search for aviation thrillers. Great find! very interesting bio. It made us laugh.

    Can you include ahead of time ( like before the book comes out ) and some background about the aircraft and characters?

    How about a reading group guide so I can talk about it in my lunch group at work?

    We meet at lunch and discuss books we read. If we accept yours, you could expect 40 or 50 people to buy it!


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